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Cloud-Based Solutions for Effective Project Management

Posted by Tita Tavares on Wed, Jun 25, 2014 @ 11:33 AM

Project Management is an integral part of any successful business.  In PMI’s Pulse of the Profession Report 2014President and CEO, Mark Langley notes, “Organizations that are highly agile, nimble and able to respond quickly to changing market dynamics complete more of their strategic initiatives successfully than slower, less agile organizations (69 percent versus 45 percent). But only 15 percent of organizations report high organizational agility.”  

So where does agility come from? Being agile can mean that you are always prepared for what’s coming at you. We’ve previously shared with you how to prepare yourself and your team for a project in the Enterey blog library, The Five Critical Areas of Project Management.  Now we’re going to show you how you can use modern technology to enhance the different components of your assignments. 

 Project Management Enterey

Basecamp – “The Project Plan”  

The initial steps of a project establish the foundation that enables your team to complete the task.  Basecamp is one of the most reliable resources for any project start-up. 

Basecamp provides:

  • Templates to quickly begin a project

  • File-sharing for documents, images, and designs

  • Easy client communication

  • Comprehensive communication among your team


Lighthouse – “Goal Setting with Ease”  

Establishing goals and creating deadlines allows for efficient use of time.  It’s important in project management to keep track of progress.  Understanding how much you have accomplished and the amount of work left to be done enables a coordinator to properly manage his or her assets.  Lighthouse effectively attacks this issue with its multiple features.

Lighthouse provides:

  • An activity stream to keep you updated

  • Ticket tracking

  • Milestones and progress reports

  • Available online documentation


Wrike – “The Collaboration Tool”  

No matter the objective, a team needs to have a common platform to communicate through.  Wrike is a real-time collaboration tool that incorporates new colleagues quickly into any project.  Its simple user-interface is perfect for novice project managers.

Wrike provides:

  • All data in 1 spot

  • Instant project updates

  • Integration with email

  • Accessibility through Google Apps


Redbooth, formally Toolbox – “The Data Management Tool”  

Social networking isn’t only useful for keeping in touch with old friends; it has a powerful presence at the work place too. No site better understands this than Redbooth.  Redbooth incorporates social collaboration functions into project management for personal and corporate use. 

Redbooth provides:

  • Various communication lenses

  • Document sharing and storage

  • Visible activity streams, conversations, images, and videos

  • Assignment status’


BrixHQ – “Sustainability”  

One of the characteristics of humans is being capable of learning from the past.  With BrixHQ, you can do just that through its comprehensive data arrangement.  BrixHQ utilizes graphs and charts to cohesively communicate the status of projects.

BrixHQ provides:

  • Clear representation of project status

  • A Gantt Chart that uses graphs to express tasks and their standings

  • Customizable data reports


Technology is expanding rapidly, so don’t get left behind.  Join the thousands of companies that are already integrating web based solutions into their systems and increasing their efficiency.  All of the stated solutions have multiple applications that cross-over and fulfill the needs of project management taking your business virtually everywhere.  

There are a vast number of platforms that can aid you with just about any conceivable step of a process.  These are just some of the contenders for the most effective SaaS providers; still we encourage you to search for the application that is most compatible and affordable with your plans.  Keeping a simple and concentrated work platform is the key to a successful and efficient business.  


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