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Disaster Recovery Plan: Ready, Set, Recover

Posted by Tita Tavares on Wed, Oct 15, 2014 @ 11:15 AM

Disaster Recovery Plan:
Ready, Set, Recover 

Disasters happen. Although it’s impossible to reliably predict them, you can be prepared by equipping your business with a proper disaster recovery plan so you can get back on your feet as soon as possible after disaster strikes. 

It’s not hard to see why disaster planning is so overwhelming. There seem to be innumerable different things that could happen: so how do you plan for them all? Enterey recommends a framework of analysis and prioritization, creating specific plans for the most probable and severe possibilities.  This work can be done on the leadership level for company-wide preparation, and each core process or department should also follow the steps below to create detailed sub-plans. A more general recovery framework can be prepared as a backup to cover a wider scope of potential issues.

Recovery planning creates documents that detail the process in which your organization will recuperate from various types of disasters, whether low-impact or catastrophic events. Disasters can affect different departments, can be a multifaceted problem depending on the origin of the disaster, and can require a triangulation approach for recovery.

The objective of planning should be in alignment with your overall business goals to ensure effective implementation. Be sure to review your documentation regularly.

A Step by Step Process

Disaster Recovery Enterey 

  1. Assess risks within your business and determine the most likely and the most severe sources of failure in event of a disaster.  Scoring the risks on these two dimensions will provide input to Step 2.
  2. Establish priorities by multiplying the likelihood and the severity scores of possible risks to generate a comprehensive risk priority score.   
  3. Determine recovery strategies that will get your business up and running on a temporary basis as soon as possible.  Those with the highest scores in Step 2 will need a full mitigation and/or recovery plan, ensuring that processes critical to your business are covered in an emergency.
  4. Set a recovery timeline emphasizing priorities first, and then create separate secondary process timelines; ensure the timelines get your core business back on track with a long term goal that you can work towards.  
  5. Document the plan and store it in a safe, accessible place so that it is on hand and ready to use in the event of an emergency.
  6. Test the plan to ensure that everyone knows what to do and that the backup systems work. Continue to review and update the plan as necessary.

Is your company prepared for disaster? Plan now for a better recovery later.      


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