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Posted by Tita Tavares on Wed, Oct 28, 2015 @ 05:30 AM

Ryan Coughlin - Regional Director of Business Operations


From a background in the United States Marine Corps, with 22 years as an infantry officer, Ryan Coughlin gained his strategic planning experience in the operations management sector. During his time as Lieutenant Colonel, Ryan honed his project management credentials by working with senior executives and facilitating the leadership decision-making process.

After years in the Combined Arms, Ryan knew he was ready for a new venture. He targeted the biotechnology/pharmaceutical industry, knowing that he could apply his strategic planning background and use the same principles as military planning (with a “slight” adjustment in terminology!). Consequently, Ryan joined Enterey in 2012, and brought a new perspective to the growing company.


The transition to a new industry brought Ryan a well-received change. From working in the Marine Corps to global pharmaceutical clients, he continues to learn and grow every day. Ryan often quotes Winston Churchill, “Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm”.


Ryan’s greatest achievement is his ability to consistently progress through a wide range of challenges, which is driven by his keen ability to ask the right questions. Thus, Ryan ensures each team achieves the business objective by facilitating difficult discussions and applying a streamlined approach to problem-solving. In his most recent project, Ryan successfully led a project team to align cGMP for Combination Product and Devices in the client’s Pharmaceutical Quality System. This included incorporating specific elements of the device regulations into the global PQS, including the remediation of identified compliance gaps. The biggest challenge (and the greatest reward) was the change management, which required a shift in company mind-set to incorporate and maintain the requirements of device manufacturers.

Previously, Ryan led a Shipping Qualification Initiative for the same global pharmaceutical company, with the objective to ensure qualification of all shipping methods globally, regionally, and locally. Ryan identified that there were different interpretations of the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) across the business’ network, and subsequently supported the request for project funding from the Business Management Team. Ryan managed the project through completion, with the key deliverable of responsibility handoff. More specifically, Ryan’s team enabled the individual sites to implement the SOP protocols by ensuring successful completion of the implementation planning requirements. As a result, Ryan closed out the initiative with the Business Management Team’s formal approval and endorsement of the site’s continuous operations.

As highlighted by Ryan’s project achievements, Ryan continues to build on his strategic planning experience, accepting new challenges with clients as well as internal projects. He is delighted to grow in parallel with Enterey, as the Regional Director of Business Operations in Southern California, and hopes to expand the client base in Chicago and Northern California. Throughout his career, Ryan’s unwavering dedication is consistently inspired by his love for his wife and kids, as they remain his constant motivation for all he hopes to achieve in his work and his life.


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