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Supply Chain Management: How Globalization is Affecting Your Business

Posted by Tita Tavares on Thu, May 29, 2014 @ 10:42 AM

Supply Chain Management:
 How Globalization is Affecting Your Business

As the demand for pharmaceutical and biotechnology products increases around the world, the market for them is more competitive than ever before. This supply and demand relationship has contributed to the growing trend of globalization in the life sciences industry.
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Globalization in a word is outsourcing; the outsourcing of ideas, products, and jobs. Its popularity stems from the attraction of cheap labor and fast production. What sounds too good to be true, is too good to be true indeed, as most companies know that outsourcing comes with its fair share of problems. It seems to have become a euphemism for sweatshops and below par products. Couple these issues with the lack of regulation in foreign countries and you have a disaster in the making. Counterfeiting and contamination are becoming rampant problems for pharma and biotech companies that engage in outsourcing. These dangerous product defects are gaining notoriety for the increasing amount of public health risks they are causing. 


Even if your company does not outsource, this negative globalization affects you. The FDA and other regulatory agencies are tightening standards to ensure that products are protected in all steps of the supply chain. There is a demand for more information at each production stage so that activities can be monitored and validated by regulators. All companies must be compliant with the new standards by 2015, but until then, it is smart to start preparing your business for this transition.

In a Forbes article, Managing the Risks of a Globalized Supply Chain, Milosz Majta accounts for the increasing complexity, lack of data, and need for greater quality, faster, and cheaper as factors of risk. To continue on this thought, read his article for a simplified yet detailed argument as to why it's imperative to think before decided on what’s best for your organization.


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Published by Tita Tavares | Enterey Marketing & Communications Team  

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Facebook and the Pharma Industry

Posted by Tita Tavares on Thu, May 26, 2011 @ 03:17 PM

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Is Social Media
that Important to Pharma Companies?


As a follow up to our May 5, 2011 post, Pharma, Social Media and the FDA's Delay, here's an interesting development that just might help push pharma companies to stay on top of the FDA to issue further guidelines on the industry's interaction in the social media world.

By August 15th, Facebook will require pharmaceutical companies to enable and allow public comments on their posts. This could be a huge risk and may be a big problem for pharma marketers, posing whether or not the benefits of Facebook are worth the effort.

Basically, it will take a lot of monitoring to make sure the conversations and dialogues on their company pages remain in a positive light for the manufacturers. Will this solution be cost prohibiting or will it be minor when weighed against the benefits and attraction Facebook interaction creates?

Is this decision made by Facebook a good one or not? This type of action may be what the social media mogul needed to keep their brand and product consistent all the way through. Facebook is created to be a virtul forum for real conversations to take place. It allows people to interact in the comforts of their own environments. Taking away the ability to engage in a virtual dialogue would be like telling someone, "Let's talk but do not say anything. I am the only one allowed to talk here but please listen." That isn't much of a conversation anyone would want to engage in, virtual or not!

Though Facebook's policies may be a hurdle for pharma companies and their marketing teams--if they play it right--they should be able to leap easily over the challenges and continue to use the virtual platform as a vehicle to set a casual tone in relating to their customers and patients. The informal approach could lead to patients feeling like they really matter to these seemingly HUMONGEOUS companies and at that, patient loyalty would be well worth the effort.

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From stacyrobin on twitter: New realities for pharma? RT @kbkcomm: Hmmm...@Facebook says: pharmas must enable comments by August 15 (

To get a better understanding of Facebook’s policies towards the pharma industry, read Intouch Solution’s Blog for their view and comments.

Published by: Tita Tavares, Enterey | Director, Brand Development

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