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Acquisition Integration

Integration of Quality Systems & Regulatory functions of $9B acquisition within 9 months

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Acquisition Integration

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A global biotechnology client initiated a $9B acquisition, with a goal to fully integrate and ensure operation and compliance of quality systems and regulatory processes within 9 months
Global Biotechnology Enterprise

acquisition integration case study


Enterey' cohesive team of experts assessed the effort, clearly scoped the responsibilities into a new project workstream structure, and worked with the client to create an integrated project plan with a detailed work breakdown structure and a timeline adhering to the overall project completion date assigned by upper management.


The integration team successfully delivered on every major milestone, meeting timeline commitments to complete the integration work within 9 months. Enterey not only directed project workstreams, but contributed an increasing amount of deliverables to drive resolution of actions.


Timely and thorough communication was provided to ensure all team members were aligned and aware of upcoming milestones. The timely and successful integration enabled the acquiring company to drive >500% sales growth of newly acquired product within the year.

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