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Manufacturing Startup Streamlining

Seattle-based biotech with two newly commissioned plants to be built on the East and West coasts needed supply chain assistance

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Manufacturing Startup Streamlining SUPPLY CHAIN

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Global biotech company based in Seattle, Washington commissioned two new plants to be built on the West and East coasts to be strategically located in order to streamline their supply chain and better service their patients. Midway through construction, the newly hired VP and GM assessed the plant built-outs were each 4 months behind schedule from the corporate timeline for regulatory approval.
Seattle-based Global Biotech
Supply Chain



Enterey was brought on board to carefully manage key decisions and activities, from construction turnover through regulatory approval, and ensure critical deadlines were met. Enterey consultants fully characterized the existing gap, set key milestones with project core-team, and developed a detailed execution plan.


Enterey worked with key stakeholders to gain alignment of objectives and to create practical solutions that could be implemented rapidly.


The team was able to close the gap and get both plants fully qualified on time. With Enterey's close monitoring and guidance, deadlines were met and regulatory approvals were gained, resulting in an on-time commercial licensure, which provided a net gain of over $100M in captured revenue.

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