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5 GREAT Ways to Get Rid of Conflict in Project Management

Posted by Tita Tavares on Thu, Jul 11, 2013 @ 12:35 PM


Projects are necessary evils in the business world. The use of collaboration to achieve specific goals makes them essential to meeting industry needs, however; with a timeline, costs, and constraints these temporary endeavors can easily become burdens if they are not managed properly.  

Project management is the act of initiating, organizing, and executing resources to achieve goals within a defined project. It is the job of a project manager to assemble and direct a specialized team in the undertaking of a project. Due to the provisional and collaborative nature of projects, teams are often comprised of people who do not normally work together. Projects require a large amount of human resources, communication, and time which can put strain on the project team. Combine unfamiliar coworkers with a stressful project and you have a recipe for disaster. So the question becomes: Is there such a way to avoid conflict in project management?


The acronym GREAT provides 5 easy measures that can be taken to prevent conflict in project management:


Establish project goals thoroughly and clearly at the beginning of the project to avoid misdirection that could lead to conflict later on.


Explicitly define responsibilities to avoid work overlap which is inefficient and can provoke conflict amongst team members.


Establish clear expectations for the team including a code of conduct so that team members understand what is expected of them and respect their coworkers.


As the project manager, establish yourself as approachable at the start of the project so that your team feels comfortable interacting with you. Remember, you are the ultimate conflict resolver.


Emphasize the “team” in project team and ensure that everyone is aware that the project is a group effort to avoid alienating team members which can also be a source of conflict.                    


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Get Rid of Conflict and Start High-fiving


The challenge for project managers is to try to maintain the right balance of conflict in project management. Get rid of conflict now by implementing these 5 GREAT steps and you will increase personal growth and morale, enhance communication, and improve project outcomes. What are you waiting for?


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