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Leverage our Smartsheet and Life Science expertise to transition your chaotic project management into a controlled portfolio and project environment in Smartsheet, delivering productivity and slashing redundancy.



Our Smartsheet Services

Enterey has two Smartsheet service solution types for its clients: the Implementation Services and the Administrative Service. Implementation Services have three plans and are designed to help clients migrate existing project management into Smartsheet in order to benefit from the software's utility. The Administrative Service has one plan and is designed to help clients manage existing Smartsheet solutions. 

Implementation Service Plans

Enterey-designed plans to help bring your convoluted project management into a controlled Smartsheet environment.


Investment Level:

Low to Medium

  • 1-2 Weeks
  • Up to 2 Dashboards

  • Up to 10 Automations

  • Up to 6 Sheet Templates
  • Up to 2 Reports

  • Up to 1 Form

  • 2 workshop training sessions


Investment Level:


  • 3-4 Weeks
  • Up to 5 Dashboards

  • Up to 20 Automations

  • Up to 12 Sheet Templates
  • Up to 3 Reports

  • Up to 3 Forms

  • 4 workshop training sessions


Investment Level:

Quote Required

  • Likely to exceed 100 hours
  • This build is intended for clients who seek the utilization of advanced Smartsheet Apps (Control Center, DataMesh, 10,000ft, etc). This project would be tailored to individual client need.



Our Steps for Enterey's Implementation Service Plans


Administrative Service

A service designed to help manage, administrate, and perform upkeep on existing Smartsheet solutions.


per month minimum

  • Understand and assess current Smartsheet infrastructure
  • Update data, ensure automations work, reframe items as needed, perform upkeep and enhancements
  • Fully administrate a client's Smartsheet Solution

Our Steps for Enterey's Administrative Service Plan


We are a Smartsheet Gold Partner

As a Gold Partner, Enterey will leverage its relationship with Smartsheet  to deliver the best possible quality solution,              making use of partner tools and resources to benefit you, the client.


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