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In Case You Missed It: Using PPM to Resolve Project Disruptions

Businessman stressed out at work in casual officeAt Enterey Consulting, our team of innovative life science consultants knows firsthand that project disruption can (and often does) happen. Sometimes, the issue is client-facing, with challenges that include: 

  • Evolving technologies
  • Regulatory and compliance updates
  • Industry shifts
  • Materials shortages
  • Marketplace pivots 

Other times, internal interruptions can impact productivity and outcomes: 

  • Loss of financing
  • Dwindling personnel
  • Cost increases
  • Reduced user adoptions

Leverage PPM Strategies to Reduce the Impact of Project Disruptions

Enterey’s life science consultants and project managers recognize that implementing PPM best practices can help quickly resolve unplanned interruptions to help get an initiative moving forward. Enterey’s Sam Howard offers extensive insight on using PPM standards to navigate project disruption in his blog, How to Use Project Portfolio Management to Solve Project Disruptions. 

Check out the full article here!

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Project disruptions aren’t always avoidable. However, it is possible to navigate through unexpected interruptions to get your initiatives back on track. Enterey’s team of life science consultants can help. Schedule an appointment with our project managers today to learn more.