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Is Artificial Intelligence the Future of Healthcare?

AI 6Artificial intelligence (AI) and interconnected technologies are increasingly accepted in business and society and are now beginning to be applied to the healthcare industry.  AI is the next frontier! 



Artificial Intelligence was the talk of the town at this year’s ViVE 2024 event in Los Angeles. This unique gathering connected digital health decision-makers across the healthcare and life sciences industries, sparking discussions on AI in the majority of, if not all, sessions over the four-day event. A key takeaway was the unanimous recognition of AI as the industry's future, with some presenters boldly stating that...

AI is not the future but is, in fact, the present.

Consider the issue of clinician burnout, a pressing concern in the healthcare industry.  This is a direct result of increased demand for services and a diminishing supply of resources.  The increased demand for services can be attributed to improved technology, which has led to a limitless number of devices designed to capture and store personal healthcare data. However, the process of collecting and analyzing this data is time-consuming and labor-intensive.  This is where the transformative power of AI comes in.  AI can free up healthcare professionals' time by utilizing tools to gather, consolidate, and analyze data, allowing them to focus on making informed health-related decisions.




As another example, one industry provider explained how implementing a small pilot program involving five doctors showcased the tangible benefits of AI-driven ambient technology in healthcare documentation. Among the participating physicians were those grappling with a high volume of open charts.  This led to delays in crucial coding and billing processes.  However, introducing AI-powered ambient technology transformed their workflow dynamics. One doctor experienced a noteworthy 50% decrease in open charts.  As a result, the long-standing backlog began to diminish, alleviating the burden on administrative staff and streamlining operational processes.

     AI REcruiting


Moreover, integrating ambient technology facilitated a subtle yet noteworthy enhancement in documentation quality. By automating routine tasks and providing real-time support, AI empowered physicians to devote greater attention to detail, resulting in more comprehensive and accurate documentation—a critical aspect of healthcare delivery with far-reaching implications for patient care and regulatory compliance.

AI is not just a tool but a game-changer that can level the playing field for healthcare organizations. A panelist from a rural provider shared their challenges as a smaller organization trying to keep pace with larger ones.  AI can function as a powerful recruiting tool, enabling organizations to attract top talent. For smaller organizations, embracing AI solutions is not just a choice but a necessity to stay competitive with their larger counterparts.



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Enterey is establishing partnerships with AI providers to help deliver solutions to our clients. Enterey's commitment to excellence extends beyond mere partnership; it is a testament to the company's unwavering dedication to empowering clients with innovative tools and strategies that drive tangible results. Whether navigating regulatory complexities, optimizing manufacturing processes, or enhancing supply chain efficiency, Enterey's holistic approach to consulting ensures that clients remain poised for success in an increasingly competitive marketplace.  We invite you to contact us here to learn more about Enterey's consulting services and how AI-driven solutions can propel your organization to new heights of success.


Together, let's pioneer the future of healthcare through

innovation, collaboration, and excellence.


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